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Important information

Data contained within myDixon is delayed and hence may not be up to date and should be not used for any market-based buy/sell decisions. ASX listed market prices are close of day from the previous trading day and are loaded onto the system at approximately 10am the following business day. Managed funds/unlisted investments and non-ASX listed shares are updated as the funds provide their information to the data aggregator we subscribe to, so therefore may not be updated as frequently. Transactions can take several days to settle and be recorded.

The unrealised gain/loss columns are not a total annualised return figure but represent unrealised capital gains on investments currently held. Actual capital gains or losses will change depending on the value of your investments at the time of sale and any cost base adjustments.

# If your SMSF has applied the transitional CGT relief to an investment as part of the 2017 super reforms, the impact of the cost base reset for that investment is not reflected in the table.

In order to show all income received from your investments, the holdings grid includes all investments held by your SMSF at any time during the financial year selected.

Please contact your Manager - Superannuation or Investment Advisor to confirm any information. You can contact them directly from within myDixon.